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Job Searching November 5, 2009

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I suppose I’ve finally given myself over to the inevitable job search.

On Wednesday I went and got myself a typing certificate from a man who spoke like Kevin from The Office, only exceedingly fast, so I really only caught every 5th or so word. He was pleasant though, and described me to the computer as “seemingly kind and clean”. I was clean, and appreciated that he noticed.

Today I wrote cover letters, filled out applications, and put envelopes together for random jobs, including one at a church with a confusing application that I exclaimed “fucking jesus!” at several times.

Was going to hang out with friend tonight, but she recently had her cat castrated, and had to stay home.

Mr. B is back though ❤ so I am as content as I ever was.


Wednesday is Rib Night at Ikea November 3, 2009

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1. I thought I might send something to Mr. B over Christmas. I want to send zucchini bread, but it seems like it might not work. I did a lot of research, and found a recipe that complied with all the suggestions, such as not using butter or margarine, or brown sugar. I’ve been conducting an experiment to see if it molds sitting in tin foil and a plastic bag for 3 weeks, and I’m very of excited to look at it next Wednesday!

I’m also sending, regardless, one or two guitar player magazines that had interesting articles, and that he may like to play the exercises in, and a CD. I tried very hard to leave off the mushy songs, but suddenly, and for the first time, I’m incapable of not being gooey and in love.  Bah.

Otherwise, he’s been unreachable for 2.5 weeks, and I miss him a lot. He said 2 weeks to a month at first, then whittled down to 2 weeks by the time he left, so I don’t know whether to be worried or just accept that the organization has a mind of its own, and will do whatever it pleases with whoever it pleases regardless of me, though really it should be me they consult on their every move, because I’m sure I know better.

2. I’ve been watching Desperate Housewives and Supernanny. I love the vindictiveness, and I laugh when the little kids back-talk. I’ve been awfully bored.

3. Went to Ikea for the first time. Today is rib night! It was fun to wander around, because it’s large and confusing, and i felt like it would never end and that I was always walking inward, and therefore was amazed when it ended and I was on an outer edge of the building. I want all of the rooms. But it was quite exhausting to look at them all. In the end, I found a chair down an aisle of the self-serve furniture area, and sat for forty minutes with the vague hope that someone I came with would eventually wander by, and might carry me to the car.