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I have made some lists. Here they are. September 19, 2009

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1. Things I don’t like that everybody else seems to:

  1. Alan Rickman. He was okay as Snape in those stupid just like every other movie made out of a book movies. But otherwise, EH. Just eh. Also the video linked below really rubs me the wrong way. Alan Rickman is not sexy, and if he was just wandering down the street that woman would not begin to rub up against him sexually. Why do old British actors always look so fuddy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlVXvZUTjIs
  2. Cilantro. It just tastes horrible. My friend says I’m full of shit, because I am not a super taster like she is, and cilantro doesn’t bother her. But I can’t smell whatever it is you smell, and I’m not trying to say I’m special or better, just that if you feed me cilantro I will stab you in your sleep.
  3. Labyrinth. Lets watch a pedophile do pedophile things in a kids movie.
  4. American Idol. Why is it that we take so much pleasure in watching other people beaten to an emotional pulp by some jerk who could not make it on his own, obviously, or else why would he be a judge on a stupid TV show? And they only like the generic sounding people. That sells, I get it. But do we need an entire television show built around finding more generic sounding singers? Apparently so.
  5. Pale Ale. I like beer, but I do not like Pale Ale.
  6. The Twilight series. Because the vampires sparkle.
  7. Matthew Mcconaughey.
  8. The Goonies. I think it’s because I didn’t grow up watching it.
  9. Jim Carrey.

2. And to balance it out… things I DO like:

  1. Falling in love the right way
  2. Seeing old friends
  3. Running [I’m just getting into it… it’s great]
  4. Sex, of course.
  5. Discovering a band I hadn’t heard of before.
  6. Playing the guitar and the piano
  7. Working hard at or for something. So much more satisfying.
  8. Cleaning. Because I’m a dork x]
  9. Bessie Smith when it’s raining.
  10. Rainy weather in general.
  11. HALLOWEEN! I’m so excited.

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