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Highly Attractive Beauty September 15, 2009

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1. When constructing a first message to a girl on a dating website, your goal is to achieve a lot of things in a small amount of space. The biggest downfalls seem to be coming across as confident, (yet not cocky), while being coherent.

Mistake #1: You didn’t use punctuation. This isn’t always a deal breaker, and I”m sure a lot of women, including myself, would overlook it given the content of the message itself. IF we can read it. At least make an effort to use a few periods guys. “hey beautiful how are could help to notice ur beauty” … what? Give me a good response to that one.

Mistake #2: You don’t really say anything. Even “hey what’s up?” is better than “i really must say ur one highly attractive woman also im fabio by the way.” Notice the lack of periods. How do you respond? Unless that’s all you’re looking for, the whole point of making the first move is trying to get a conversation flowing.

Mistake #3: It really doesn’t seem like you read her profile. Worse yet, you obviously didn’t because you sent her a message asking what her favorite movies are, and they’re right at the top of the profile. At least pretend like you didn’t just message her based on how much cleavage she’s showing.

Mistake #4: All you said was “hey you’re hot.” It doesn’t matter if you say “hey you’re attractive” or “hey you’re beautiful,” it all translates to that’s all you care about.

While compliments get you lots of places, I suggest sliding them in there, not making them the whole premise of your message. “Hey i noticed you viewed me, and i really got to ask what are your tattoos of. anyways, i just wanted to say hey and that you have pretty eyes :)”

In that message, you said hey, gave a reason for saying hey, asked about something from her profile and complimented her, all without being too up front about anything. Laid back, pleasant and thoughtful… and some punctuation! Good job


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