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Elton John September 15, 2009

1. I got on AIM yesterday, and the whole AIM news feed browser popped up as it always does because I don’t know how to stop it, but for once there was something on it I wanted to read so it’s all good. Along the lines of, “Elton John prohibited from adopting: nothing to do with his sexuality”

So I think “wow, what’s wrong with Elton John?” and I click on it, and read an entire article about poor Elton and his partner not being allowed to adopt an HIV positive baby from Ukraine because same sex unions aren’t recognized in that country. HOW IS THAT NOT ABOUT HIS SEXUALITY? Stupid AIM title writers.

2. I don’t understand, I REALLY don’t understand why anybody would go “we have this poor baby that doesn’t have any bit of a family and some nice men want to adopt him and they have MORE than enough money to take care of him and give him an amazing life, but we’re going to say fuck you very much, thanks anyway because our country is just too darn homophobic to give babies homes =D.”

Of course, he was also turned down because of his age. That makes a little bit more sense. I guess that knowingly giving a child to someone that could potentially die before he turned 18 might be a little short sighted. And while the kid might be well taken care of if that happened, whether through family or inheritance, I’d think he’d rather have his dad.

Pavlenko said Ukraine was grateful for the singer’s charity work and expressed hope that his desire to adopt Lev would spur the domestic adoption of more children with health problems, which is still rare in Ukraine

I hope that’s true =]



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